Sueyin Hoofatt – BISB Student – Online Learning

By May 11, 2020 No Comments

My name is Sueyin HooFatt and I am currently pursuing the Bachelor of International & Sustainable Business Program. During the past four weeks, having to utilize the Lok Jack GSB’s online platforms was not challenging for me. This has allowed me to choose my preferred learning environment that works best for me. I also no longer have to spend excessive time and money travelling back and forth from school and home, instead, I now use some of these hours to study areas that are challenging for me. In addition, I have become more self-disciplined.

As a result of having to study online, I am forced to become more self-motivated, since I no longer have someone physically in front of me to ensure that I am staying focused during the lectures. I have also become more skilful in time management.

In terms of my level of interaction with lecturers, I would not say it is the best, however, it is not bad. It’s just that when you are physically interacting with a student or a lecturer, the feedback tends to be more informative and readily available.