Natalya M. Lewis – BISB Student – Cohort 2 – Online Learning

By May 11, 2020 No Comments

Having used the e-learning platform during my development at the Business School, I can definitely say that my favourite thing about it is that it is easy to understand. In fact, it is so simple and well developed that I have never had any problems using the platform. Moreover, since the quarantine, this platform has allowed for an easy transfer to online schooling, as we were already accustomed to handing in assignments online.

Moreover, in terms of the other platforms that were introduced during the quarantine – zoom and blackboard collaborate (BBC) – it is safe to say that the journey has not been as easy. This is because BBC sticks and there is often a lot of static when individuals are speaking. Zoom, on the other hand, works perfectly, making the online transfer and experience simple and effective – it has allowed for successful communication among classmates, lecturers and myself.

Finally, one example of these online platforms working in my best interest…I woke up late and missed approximately three-quarters of my Final Business History Class. This class was rather important, but I had no cause for panic because I had the choice of emailing my lecturer and asking for the recording of the class or getting the class PowerPoint on the e-learning platform. I chose the latter as it was a more effortless and timely approach – I was able to access the course material in a matter of minutes.