Corporate Culture, Values and Leadership

6 Ways To Assess Your Organisation’s Culture and Values

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Corporate Culture, Values and Leadership

“A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not.” (Author unknown).

This dimension refers to the culture and values inside the organization, and it addresses leaders’ and employees’ shared understanding and agreement with stated values. Most organizations post a values statement with a list of virtuous words. What distinguishes maturity is the degree to which those values are communicated, understood, and practised – by the leader as well as by all employees. Evidence of mature workforce culture and values include:

  1. Thoughtful applications of change management principles and practices by the leadership
  2. The degree of ownership that employees feel for the vision and values of the organization
  3. The degree of participation in shaping the organization’s culture and ways of working
  4. The level of trust, transparency and freedom to communicate with candor, as opposed to a culture of fear and denial
  5. The degree of flexibility and willingness to change to align to new strategic priorities
  6. The level of awareness and consistency of adherence to stated values and policies.
Leadership, Workplace Culture and Values

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