The largest and most dynamic HR gathering in the world

The Society for Human Resource Management hosts an annual conference and exposition showcasing distinguished speakers, in-depth discussion forums and informative workshops. This year’s conference takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and it is the ultimate networking event for any HR practitioner.

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We continue to consistently innovate and refine our learning methods by looking for the most effective and interesting ways in which to demonstrate how theoretical applications work in the real world. The annual International Study Trip has become a pivotal experience and an essential way for our local students to gain immeasurable exposure to global markets and commerce. This invaluable experience allows our students to:

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USA (International Study Trip 2017)

Silicon Valley opened our students’ eyes to the operations of Google and Facebook. This firsthand view of the internal processes of such extraordinary organisations allowed our students to experience learning on a global scale.

Chile (International Study Trip 2016)

Santiago’s rich heritage and historical sites provided the perfect backdrop for our students’ learning experience. Visit to the Chamber of Commerce and the Chilean Association of Banks and Financial Institutions gave our students a practical look at international commerce.

Panama (International Study Trip 2013 and 2014)

These trips exposed our students to the renowned Free Zone and Panama Canal. Students also sat in on Trade and Entrepreneurial Lectures.

Spanish Immersion Trip

We have partnered with a 5-star Spanish School in Guatemala to offer Spanish tuition one-on-one with tutors. Total immersion in a Spanish-speaking territory is by far the most effective way to learn the language. Being surrounded by native speakers and constantly immersed in authentic social contexts greatly accelerates the learning process and gives our students a truly global learning experience. The trip includes:

Brazil (International Study Trip 2013)

Brazil’s major city centres of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offered our students a wonderful opportunity to experience the commerce, culture and energy of this truly unique location.  Lectures were presented to our students on International Trade, Business and Finance.  Their 8-day visit also included a tour to the Football Museum.