HR Labour Law Workshop

Earn an appreciation of labour legislation and its impact on the human resource operations, policies and procedures of organisations.

HR Labour Law

There is increasing awareness about the importance of the human resource function in the achievement of organisational success. However, what is also recognised is the fact that this function is fraught with challenges and is becoming more complex in the delicate balance of employer and employee rights and responsibilities.

An appreciation of labour legislation and its impact on the human resource operations, policies and procedures of organisations is therefore critical to support organisations as they engage in their core activities on a daily basis.


An appreciation of the HR Labour Law is now a prerequisite for the fostering of a positive workplace environment and for the development of proactive relationships between organisations and employees. It also ensures that employers are aware of the several responsibilities which are placed upon them and thus protect their organisations on the one hand through the discharge of their responsibilities to employees whilst ensuring that employees are cognizant of their responsibilities.

Topic to be covered

On completion of the workshop it is expected that participants should:

• Have an appreciation of the relationship between some modern human resource
policies and procedures and labour legislation.
• Identify the key provisions of labour legislation which affect businesses.
• Demonstrate an understanding of how their actions and the actions of employees
can impact on business operations.
• Be able to apply the concepts to different situations in an analytical manner.
• Appreciate the importance of human resource policies and procedures in an
organisational setting.
This 3-day workshop will cover:

• Sources of Labour Law
• General issues in recruitment and Selection – Equal Opportunity and
Discrimination issues
• The Contract of Employment
• Contract for Service vs. The Contract of Service – implications in law – The
doctrine of Vicarious Liability
• Express and Implied Contract Terms – Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties
• Unfair dismissal and Wrongful dismissal – Retrenchment Law, Maternity Law,
• Disciplinary Procedures
• Conflict Resolution

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Programme Date: April 20th, 22nd, 27th, 30th, May 4th, 6th, 2021
Programme Times: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Programme Cost: TTD $4,500/ USD $670
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