Professional Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management

During economic downturns the complexity and velocity of risks increase, therefore organisations need to become more risk resilient, more agile and more risk responsive. They need to understand change before it hits them, adapt quickly and ensure the institution does not tip over in the process. Leaders therefore, must ensure their employees become more risk educated.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a structured, proven process for proactively identifying and evaluating how events and forces of change impact an organisation and its strategy and for developing measures for dealing with the risks that constantly threaten the achievement of an organisation’s objectives and allows for the identification of opportunities. Organisations cannot wait to respond, they must find a way to be more anticipatory. Respond means the risk has eventuated-‐ we need to prevent not respond. ERM will aid in this regard.

ERM is a process that can serve many purposes; as a tool for risk management, strategic planning and identification of emerging opportunities and potential competitive advantages.

Given the current economic environment, which will, according to the experts, persist for the foreseeable future, It has become a national imperative for businesses to either implement or enhance their Enterprise Risk Management framework. As the economy forces organisations to change strategies or implement new initiatives, new risks will emerge and existing risks will change. Enterprise Risk Management should be employed not only to identify what can go wrong but also what needs to go right (i.e. new opportunities).

This Professional Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management is designed for today’s fast-paced and increasingly complex operating and regulatory environment. This programme will provide modern techniques in Risk Management that will enhance existing skill sets and/or allow for new entrants in the field to progress faster. The ALJGSB in partnership with the TTRMI is the only institute locally and regionally to offer a Professional Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management with facilitators possessing local expertise and or global experience in disciplines that fall under the rubric of Enterprise Risk Management.

Learning Objectives

• Determine how to develop and implement Enterprise Risk Management framework.

• Understand how to enhance the risk and governance culture of the organisation.

• Improve leadership, enhance value and reduce waste.

• Learn how to implement an Enterprise Risk Management framework.

• Ability to conduct risk assessments and identify risk interconnectedness.

• Manage technology Risks as part of ERM e.g. Cyber Security.

• Communication of risk to advance effective policy development.

• Using ERM to enhance internal controls.

• Acquire the latest practical skills for managing operational, strategic and financial risk.

• Understand the value and benefits of Enterprise Risk Management.

• Discuss the importance of Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management.

• Integrating ERM with strategy.

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