Professional Certificate in

Organisational Change and Transformation

Designed to equip senior business professionals with the knowledge, tools and techniques to lead organisational change.

Professional Certificate in

Organisational Change and Transformation

The pressure to adapt, change and transform your organisation is becoming more and more important in this digital age. Customer expectation is not being shaped by your company but by companies and factors beyond our shores. By the power of the information age, change is being thrust upon your organisation whether you want it or not. How do you transform your company? From the Corona Virus to the upheaval in commodity prices, how do you prepare your organisation for uncharted territory?

Learning Objectives

The Professional Certificate in Organisational Change and Transformation is designed guide senior leaders through the stages of managing and leading change. Leaders will gain a better understanding of diagnosing organisational issues and develop an understanding of the challenges of managing cultural change and develop strategies to deal with change implementation.
Participants will walk away being able to develop a strategic insight into the elements of designing and implementing effective crisis management plans and obtaining a deeper insight into interventions to enhance leadership and managerial impact.


Modules to be covered in this programme include:
1. Diagnostic Models and Organizational Analysis
2. Managing Organisation Change
3. Creating an Effective Culture
4. Successful Crisis Management

Assessment based on topics covered in the programme.

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