Professional Certificate in

Operations Management

Efficient and effective operations are critical to the survival of organisations in this highly competitive global environment

Professional Certificate in

Operations Management

Operations management occurs over a wide range of business activities and business sectors such as manufacturing, services, distribution, retail, exploration, agriculture and the public sector. It involves the transformation of input resources to marketable products and services. The efficiency and effectiveness with which the operations of an organisation are managed are critical to the survival of organisations in this highly competitive global environment. This professional certificate covers the entire process from the acquisition and management of inputs and the management of flows in the transformation process through to the management and distribution of outputs. It provides participants with a good understanding of the activities involved in the operations process and prepares them for contributing to its effective and efficient management.

Learning Objectives

The progamme is designed to enable participants: To develop a critical understanding of the role of operations management in relation to organisational performance and competitiveness. To build knowledge of operations management principles and concepts and how they can be applied across different organisational functions including finance, sales, marketing, human resource management and design. To develop expertise in the use of various quality management, process management and control and supply chain management tools and techniques for analysing, controlling and improving operations in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, services and the public sector.


Modules to be covered in this programme include:
1. Foundations of Operations Management
2. Supply Chain Management
3. Operations planning, scheduling and control
4. Marketing and Distribution Logistics
5. Quality Management
6. Decision Making in Operations Management

Programme Assessment: Group Project Presentations on the analysis and evaluation of the Operations Management activities within a specific company (Further details given during module 2). Presentations to be made 6 weeks after the final module.

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