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The course recognizes the growing importance of procurement and contracts in the public sector and the need for public officers and suppliers to understand the principles and practice. It therefore explains the principles and examines the practices involved in the effective procurement and contracting of goods, works and services in the public sector.

It covers the entire procurement cycle from the recognition of the need to acceptance, payment and contract closeout. Some of the areas covered include tendering and bid evaluation, contract development, contract administration and management of risks. The impact and implications of the Public procurement and Disposal of Property Act, 2015 will be discussed.


Upon completion of this workshop participants should be able to:

  • To develop a good understanding of the procurement and contracting process, with specific reference to the public sector
  • To outline the principles and explain the tools and strategic approaches for effective procurement and contract management and to examine the constraints when operating in the public sector
  • To discuss the stages of contract management and examine the key requirements in each stage to ensure the achievement of procurement and contracting goals 2
  • Discuss the regulatory framework for governance of procurement and contracting activities in the public sector
  • To understand the risks involved and the strategies for mitigating them



  • Date: January 29th,30th, 31st 2018
  • Time: 9am – 4pm
  • Cost per participant is inclusive of all training materials and certificate.


  • Venue: Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business
  • Max Richards Drive,
    Uriah Butler Highway North West
    Mount Hope
  • Coordinator:
    • Shadell Haywood ext. 149
    • Arianne Kennedy ext. 189
  • Tel: 645-6700 Fax: 662-1411
  • Email:
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