Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric tests are used in all walks of life as a way to objectively assess someone’s ability, personality and behaviour. Psychometric tests in occupational settings are used by employers in recruitment, selection, promotion, staff development and also for redundancy. Testing in this area can also be used by individuals for career counselling and self-development purposes.

Consulting Services has a team of qualified test users who hold Level A (ability/aptitude testing) and Level B (personality testing) qualifications and have been trained to administer, interpret and provide feedback to individuals and teams for all the psychometric tools being offered.

Assessment Centres

An assessment centre is a recruitment selection process where the organisation assesses a group of candidates at the same time and place using a range of selection exercises. Assessment centres are one of the most effective methods for predicting a candidate’s suitability for a job.

It aids organisations to avoid making poor recruitment decisions and the costs associated with them. Candidates are more likely to have a positive experience at an assessment centre than when they are assessed by interview alone.