Job & Organisation Design

Workforce Manpower Audits

A Manpower Audit is an overall quality control check on human resource activities in a company.

Manpower Audits identify gaps in policies and procedures which may be the underlying reason for under performance and divestment in any firm.

They are also an opportunity to ensure that activities are in alignment with the strategic intent of the company.

Job Competency Profiling

Job Competency profiling is a very useful tool. It identifies the skills required for effectiveness in a job role and is an essential step before assessing candidates to fill a prospective position. The assessment of candidates presupposes having some idea about what is required for success in the target role.

In addition to its usefulness in the selection process, competency profiling can also be used in conjunction with other methods to assist in the process of identifying competency gaps and training needs for an incumbent. This provides the opportunity to enhance the incumbent’s performance on the job.

The Consulting Services team has been certified in competency based management methodologies and has been providing this service to local and regional clients for over ten years.