The International Master of Business Administration

Advance your mastery of business and develop your capacity for future-focused global leadership.

IMBA Overview

The IMBA programme is designed to develop your analytical and problem-solving competencies, as well as the people management skills necessary to prepare you for the leadership mantle. You will learn through theoretical and practical frameworks for analysis, application of knowledge, and the synthesis of core disciplines taught in the IMBA from a global context.
The IMBA will provide you with the tools and capabilities required to:
  • Identify challenges in order to make informed and strategic decisions that positively affect business performance and results.
  • Develop the people skills required to lead a team while ensuring that organisational goals are met.
  • Conduct research and create innovative solutions with your peers using real-life organisational challenges in the practicum phase of your academic development.

MBA Accreditation

This programme is globally accredited and recognised by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the global standard for all MBA programmes.

Benefits of the IMBA

Programme Design

A flexible schedule of evening and weekend classes. Authentic learning educational approach, which offers a holistic curriculum of practical courses and assignments that include problem-based learning strategies, projects, presentations, simulations, action learning and case teaching. Our programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to transform you into a leader in your field. It will establish the academic, professional, and research foundation required for doctoral or further studies. Seven options of areas of concentration for specialization:

Student Outcomes

Access to a Prestigious IMBA Alumni Community