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Online transition experience for Bachelor of International and Sustainable Business student

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Meet Nickolai Birjoo – a first-year student of the Bachelor of International and Sustainable Business (BISB).

As a result of COVID-19 all students had to transition from face to face to online learning to facilitate the continuation of teaching and learning. This transition fortunately was smooth based on the technologies that Lok Jack GSB had in place. See below Nickolai’s experience for online learning.

To put it bluntly, the online learning experience, born from necessity, has been an easily accessible way to stay on top of my education throughout a time where there is no in-house option due to unforeseen circumstances. Quickly implemented, smoothly operated and dynamically adapted to the needs of the pupils – I would say my favourite part of the experience has been how continuous it has been, bridging the offline and online gap. Due to the administrative efforts of program advisors and the IT staff, I am able to work in a virtual class that is almost exactly the same as a physical one, kilometres away from the campus. The professors have not missed a step when issuing class work and interacting with their students, making it extremely easy to carry on with any given subject. Lok Jack GSB has really prepared for such an easy transition with three distinct online learning platforms, which each offer features that aid in the completion of the courses offered. All lecturers have been quite interactive with the students, an aspect of the online class that has not gone unnoticed. The access to such personal interaction has made some lectures more digestible for some students, which is a welcomed comfort for working in such a remote environment. It is as easy as holding a button when a student wishes to voice any opinions or concerns, another facet of classroom life that has not been sacrificed. I am truly impressed by how well the online lectures have been handled by the school, especially under such short notice.”

For more information on the Bachelor of International and Sustainable Business speak to Ms. Kersha Garner, Academic Advisor at 299-0218 ext. 200 or email: Visit the website here

Amir Hosein, current student of the Master of International Business

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Meet Amir Hosein current student of the Master of International Business at Lok Jack GSB and Export Manager at S.M Jaleel and Company Limited. We’ve asked Amir for his feedback thus far on the master programme, see his responses below. 

Why did you choose to do the MIB program?

The MIB program is directly aligned with my current career path and currently not offered by any other institution. I saw it as an opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field of international business to more than just exporting. Upon completion, I aim to be a greater asset to my organization and a more versatile employee.


What is your experience thus far within the program?

The courses covered so far have been challenging but equally rewarding, matching practical experiences with sound business theories that I have already been able to apply in my current job. The semesters have been very intense but the work load is manageable and team work is a must to succeed.


Who should do this program?

This program will be rewarding to anyone who wants to expand a business overseas, or who works for a local business that operates outside of Trinidad and Tobago or someone who wants to attract new business from abroad. The MIB program will be beneficial to Managing Directors, Business Owners, Export Managers, Regional Managers, Commercial Managers and Marketing Managers.


How has this program impacted you professionally? 

It has made me more proficient in my current field as an Export Manager. I am able to make better decisions based on the knowledge acquired thus far.


For more information on the Master of International Business, call Ms. Kerry-Ann Jordan at 868-645-6700 ext. 200 or email: