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The BISB is for the young bold, the go-getters, the risk-takers! It’s for those who are ready to take on the world of business and win. This program is designed by the UWI-Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business to equip you with an unrivaled toolset of business learnings that has global scope, a practical approach, huge advancement opportunities and more.

Be the
CEO of your Career

Why doing a business degree is a GREAT idea?

When choosing a career path, you should carefully consider all aspects of what that career can offer you over the course of a lifetime. Keep in mind as you do so that what may appeal to you now may not appeal to you as much a decade or more from now.

It Is a Practical Choice

Business majors have more job security than other majors because they are needed in virtually all industries. Whether in a bank, manufacturer, energy sector, all industries need people with business acumen to function and prosper. This will always keep the demand for business majors relatively high, even in tough economic times.

Combine your passions

Even if you don’t see yourself working as an accountant or finance manager, a degree in business can help you broaden your horizons and pursue your passions successfully. For example, perhaps your true passion is in jewelry-making, and you dream of someday owning your own hand-made jewelry business. Knowing how to make beautiful jewelry is only a small piece of the puzzle; in order for your business to be successful, you’ll need to know how to write a detailed and viable financial plan, obtain financing for your business, track your profits and losses, and be comfortable with many other aspects of business management in order to keep your business profitable. This is, yet again, where experience in studying business can really come in handy in a practical way.

Higher chances of
landing a job

Did you know that the average business student lands a job within six months of graduating? That’s because there’s a huge demand for business graduates in today’s economy, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and the opportunities are widespread as mentioned in point 1

Global Scope and flexibility

A business career will give you more flexibility in what geographic location(s) you choose. This is particularly important if you have a spouse who may end up with only one or a few options for their job location.

Easier to Switch Careers

To keep things interesting, many people find that at some point in their career, they yearn for a complete change. If you have a business career, this is much easier to do than with many other professional careers such as nursing, engineering, and radiology. This is because business skills transfer more easily between industries than the professional skills you would acquire in other professions.

What set’s the BISB
apart from the rest

  1. Dual degree option with Florida International University (FIU) in the United States: BISB students have the option to complete 3 academic years in Trinidad and complete the final year at the FIU campus in Miami, obtaining 2 bachelor degrees a) ALJGSB Bachelor of International and Sustainable Business (BISB) + b) FIU’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Learn more (we need to put a whole landing page with info on this)
  2. Paid Internships opportunities: BISB students will be offered the opportunity to practice what is learnt through summer paid internships opportunities at top local and regional companies that will add work experience to their resume while increasing the marketability of the graduates. Learn more – Internships landing page
  3. Individual & Practical business training and coaching
  1. Interactive Learning Environment
  2. Interaction with business leaders through mentorship, guest speakers and paid internship opportunities (link to news related to this)
  3. World Class Faculty of Business Professionals
  4. Safe, secure and modern campus
  5. Access to UWI facilities and services (shuttle, counselling, sports and social facilities and events, etc.)
  6. Student Ambassador programme

Why we designed the Bachelor of International and Sustainable Business (BISB)?

We believe that empowering young minds to unleashing their true business and entrepreneurial potential we can lead a new era of business innovation.

Be the
CEO of your Career

Why doing a business degree is a GREAT idea?

When choosing a career path, you should carefully consider all aspects of what that career can offer you over the course of a lifetime. Keep in mind as you do so that what may appeal to you now may not appeal to you as much a decade or more from now.

Think bigger, Be more and Do More with the

With the Bachelor of International and Sustainable Business (BISB)

The Bachelor of International and Sustainable Business (BISB) will equip students with the theoretical and practical knowledge to launch develop and run a successful organisation or operate effectively within the corporate business environment.

Who should do this programme?

Why doing a business degree is a GREAT idea?

Are you ready to become a high-growth, innovative entrepreneur, manager and/ or project leader focused on international business development and new value creation?

This programme builds a bridge between knowledge and the practical and impactful application of business. The programme is international and interdisciplinary in knowledge and scope and its teaching & learning methodologies are highly interactive
At the end of your four (4) year journey with this programme, BISB graduates would have benefitted from the following:
  • Specialization in one of three electives: Technology and Operations Management, Strategy and Project Execution or Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Development of a comprehensive understanding of the emerging world of business as well as gaining the competencies to operate with self-confidence as an entrepreneur and/or intrapreneur. The opportunity to focus on real problems and challenges of business and society to identify and create solutions to address unmet needs.
  • Practical and dynamic teaching methodologies, which facilitate learning in action via case study analysis, simulations, gamification and group projects.
  • Exposure to multiple disciplines, entrepreneurship and innovation. Find your niche or business idea and gain the confidence and the tools to launch a successful career.

The BISB Programme Schematic

    • Semester 1
    • Society, Culture and the Environment
    • Mathematics for Business​
    • Principles and Functions of Management​
    • Organisational Behaviour ​
    • Academic Writing Workshop I​​
    • Spanish Workshop I
    • Semester 2
    • Basic Statistics
    • Business History​
    • Marketing Principles​
    • Self-Awareness and Leadership​
    • Academic Writing Workshop II​
    • Spanish Workshop II
    • Summer
    • Delivering Impactful Presentations Workshop​
    • Business Start Up Workshop
    • Internship Opportunity
    • Semester 1
    • English for Academic Purposes​
    • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Formation​
    • Financial Accounting and Performance Dashboard​
    • Microeconomics and Sustainability​ ​
    • Spanish Workshops III & IV​
    • Research Methods Workshop I​
    • Semester 2
    • Introduction to Management Information Systems
    • International Trade and Caribbean Business​
    • Macroeconomics and Sustainability Challenges​
    • Managerial Accounting​
    • Research Methods II​
    • Spanish Workshops V & VI
    • Summer
    • Spanish Workshop VII​
    • Systems Dynamics​
    • Internship Opportunity
    • Semester 1
    • Managing for Sustainability: Tools and Frameworks​​
    • Strategy and Innovation​
    • Applied Statistics for Business and Analytics
    • Essentials of Project Management​
    • Financial Management and Financial Technologies​
    • Spanish Workshop VIII​
    • Semester 2
    • Science, Medicine and Technology in Society​
    • Mastering the Sales Process​
    • Etiquette in Engagement with Firms Workshop​
    • Choose 3 Specialised
    • Technology and Operations Management​
    • Strategy and Project Execution​
    • Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship​
    • Summer
    • Internship Opportunity
    • Semester 1
    • Choose 5 Specialised Courses
    • Technology and Operations Management​
    • Strategy and Project Execution
    • Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship​
    • Start Capstone Practicum
    • Spanish Workshop VII​
    • Semester 2
    • Complete Capstone Practicum
    • Internship Opportunity​
    • Summer

Who should do this programme?

The BISB is suitable for:
  • Secondary school graduates wanting to pursue a career in business.
  • Working professionals interested in furthering their education and improving skills to increase their marketability
  • Individuals interested in becoming successful entrepreneurs

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Premiere school of Business Graduates

The Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business started its journey in 1989 as the Institute of Business (IOB), a collaboration between the University of the West Indies and the private sector. Our aim is to challenge you and develop you into an entrepreneurial leader, with the capacity to make a profound difference in your life as well as in the lives of others. 

Meet the Faculty

Your academic faculty are business professional and/or have done extensive research in business education internationally. They have lead organizations and are experts in their field. Their focus is ensuring that concepts are grasped for each area of business and implement that knowledge and skills for impactful results. 

Angela de Coteau

Mrs. Angela de Coteau has taught and facilitated locally and regionally for over twenty-five years. She was a full-time lecturer in the School of Accounting and Management. She is a

Read More »

Dr. Nneka Joseph

Dr. Nneka Joseph is a lecturer and adjunct consultant with the UWI, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. She is a trained Industrial and Organizational psychologist with a PhD

Read More »

Dr. Sherry-Ann Ganase

Dr. Sherry-Ann Ganase is a recent graduate of the University of the West Indies in the field of Economics. She has a wealth of lecturing experience at the tertiary level,

Read More »

Dr. Balraj Kistow

Dr. Kistow is a Lecturer in the areas of International Business and Accounting and Finance and the Programme Director for the Master of Small and Medium Enterprise Management (MSMEM). He

Read More »

Dr. Marcia Headley

Dr. Marcia Headley holds a Ph.D. from Howard University in Washington D.C., as well as postgraduate qualifications in International Relations. She currently lectures Business History and Society, Culture & the

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Tobias Schulze Frenking

Tobias is an economist and business consultant with over ten years of work experience, of which he spent six in the Caribbean, working with private, academia and not-for-profit organizations. He

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Renee Thomas

Renee Thomas is the Bachelor of International & Sustainable Business (BISB) Programme Director & Entrepreneurship lecturer at the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business (ALJGSB). She has over 20

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Students from French Guiana and the Lok Jack GSB BISB (T&T) programme
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BISB students take photo with winner of Digicel phone at Open Day 2019
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BISB students take photo with winner of Digicel phone at Open Day 2019
iDay: Students of BISB alongside Embassy Ambassadors

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