The Future of the UWI Lok Jack GSB

“The strategic intent is to establish the school as the leading centre for entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation in management thinking in the Caribbean.”

The significance and importance of the Lok Jack GSB to the development of the country and region has been well-established during the School’s thirty-year history. ere’s a continuous need for the business school to produce graduates with specialised skills and a practice capability that is competitive in the global workplace.
Other than the widening of the academic offerings, what were the motivations of the UWI for supporting the idea coming from the Private Sector?
In the future the School will or continue to:
  • Offer the most relevant and practical portfolio of programmes and services in business and management.
  • Deliver a world-class, innovative and authentic learning experience for its students.
  • Building strategic alliances with key providers
  • Have the most professional, respected, energetic, committed, innovative and qualied faculty and sta.
  • Be the institution of choice for the best and most committed business students.
  • Our alumni are highly sought-after for leadership positions by employers across a variety of sectors.
  • Be the leading provider of customised strategic development and training programmes for organisations.
  • Rank in the top 25 Schools of Business in Latin America
The School is clear on what it wants to be known for as it progresses through its fourth decade of operations. ere will be an aggressive push towards teaching and research aimed at building and promoting entrepreneurship and a forward-thinking culture. e campus will embellish the innovative and extraordinary leadership that is the dened purpose of the School. is strategic intent will be underpinned by:
  • A strong research agenda
  • Knowledge creation and practice capabilities
  • Building strategic alliances with key providers
  • Building a cadre of world-class faculty.
As a region, skills and competencies in leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation are urgently needed in order to increase the eciency, resilience, and competitiveness of the private and public sector. Lok Jack GSB’s Board of Directors, who lead and manage some of the largest companies in Trinidad and the region, will support management by continuing to anticipate how the local, regional, and international business environment will evolve.
Furthermore they will create appropriate solutions to ensure that participants are adequately prepared to excel in the changing global environment. e Lok Jack GSB will continue to strengthen its commitment and focus to deliver world-class business education, research, and services to support the development of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region.

A very good thing to do is to look at the needs of the present and the immediate future and then try to maneuver so that you meet those needs. What we have to do now is be very diligent and respond to the market needs both in T&T and throughout the Caribbean.

Mr. Arthur Lok Jack