The 1st Dedicated Business School

Business Education supported by the business community, since 1989

The Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business began as the Institute of Business, University of the West Indies (UWI-IOB). The institution was founded on December 14th, 1989 as a joint venture between the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the Trinidad and Tobago private sector. Its purpose was to deliver postgraduate business and management education designed to meet the emergent needs of the business community. It was intended to fill the strategic gap that existed in The University of the West Indies’ business education offerings.

Our Beginnings

A Conversation with former President, The Late George Maxwell Richards

I thought it was an obvious thing to do, quite frankly. Because of the environment and because of the dearth of training in these areas, I thought there was a gap. And that gap had to be filled. So we went along with the ideas and I think they proved to be reasonably successful.

New Bachelor of Business

Building Business Leaders from the Bachelor’s level

For the secondary school student who nished CSEC and wants to start a bachelor’s degree, it has never before been an option to have in hand a Bachelor of Business from the only ACTT-accredited business school in the nation.

Investing in equipping business leaders

The business and philanthropy icon, after whom the school is named, shared some insight into his life and ambitions.

“I am one of those who did not have tertiary education; I would have wanted persons to assist me in my time. Although it can be argued that hard work and persistence can create the desirable business success, it is always good to have that knowledge and background at an early age.”


Our milestones and achievements over the years.

A Global Ecosystem for Business

Developing leaders and driving business solutions.

The Lok Jack GSB has established itself as a leading business school and the institution of choice for companies and organisations seeking to recruit, train, and develop employees. Thee School

Address by Joseph P. Esau

At the Launch of the Institute of Business

I address you today wearing two hats. The first is that of the Chairman of the Finance committee of the Institute of Business. In that role, I really don’t wear that hat but rather carry it in my hand, arm extended. In that role, my colleagues and I shall be asking for your help, your tangible commitment that goes beyond good wishes, in getting the Institute started.

The Future of the UWI Lok Jack GSB

The strategic intent is to establish the school as the leading centre for entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation in management thinking in the Caribbean.”

Us in numbers

A look at the people that makes up the UWI-ALJGSB.

FACULTY 100+, 20+ Nationalities and 90% with relevant industry experience