Our Institution and its programme content have received both local and international accreditation.

The Importance of Accreditation for you

Post-graduate studies demands a significant investment of your time, money and energy; it is imperative that your qualification be recognized, open doors and provide a healthy ROI for you.  A key factor in the decision to enroll at any university must therefore include an assessment of type and quality of the accreditation it has obtained. Not all degrees or institutions are created equal.

Our Institution and its programme content have received both local and international accreditation. Recruiters would endorse that a degree from the UWI-Lok Jack GSB gives you an edge.  Your degree will provide global professional mobility, recognition and a significant boost in your job prospects and career opportunities.

Recognizing the significance of quality and exacting standards in education, the UWI-Lok Jack GSB subjected itself to the voluntary process of rigorous, independent and objective peer assessment. This enabled us to validate that our institution met the international benchmarks of quality to be accredited.

We attained specialized and programmatic accreditation from the UK based Association of Masters of Business Administration’s (AMBA) in 2003, which positions the school amongst the top 20% of business schools worldwide.  As an MBA graduate, you will also derive all of the benefits of being a member of the Association of MBAs.

The UWI-Lok Jack GSB was the first business school to receive accreditation from the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT). This is another endorsement of the quality of the university as a whole, and gives the prospective student the assurance that all of our Master and MBA programmes are accredited and of the highest quality.

Noteworthy, is that our accredited status, positions the UWI-Lok Jack GSB as one of the few facilities  in Trinidad and Tobago sanctioned to offer GATE (and access to HELP loan assistance once GATE approved) for eligible nationals pursuing post graduate studies

Accreditation matters as it will set your business school of choice and your qualifications apart.  The UWI-Lok Jack GSB has contributed significantly to whittling some of the region’s finest minds and top contributors, both locally and internationally. It is no secret that employers seek the best and brightest talent.  Ready to be a part of it?


At the recently held 2017 ACTT Quite Awards, the UWI-Lok Jack GSB won first place in “Excellence in Teaching and Learning” in addition to honorable mention in the “Excellence for an Established Quality Management System” category. This is among the many accolades and awards won by both the faculty and programmes of the institution.